Bookkeeping for General Contractors

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Bookkeeping for General Contractors

bookkeeping for general contractors on the Treasure Coast

Extremely important: General Contractors need a bookkeeper

General contractors have a multitude of projects occurring all at the same time! Not only are there multiple projects going on at once, but there are multiple “accounts payable” for each project that need to be kept up to date! Not paying accounts on time can create a lack of trust between your business and the companies you work with. Deliveries may not go out on time and, if supplies are not received on time, delays can happen. Having the help of a bookkeeper is a game changer! Bookkeepers are necessary for many different needs of a general contracting business! Some of the typical accounts and services that bookkeepers are hired to maintain for general contractors are as follows:

  1. Equipment: costs, fees, and repair
  2. Utilities
  3. Heavy machinery: repair costs, loans, and fuel expenses
  4. Employee accounts- payroll, insurance, PTO
  5. Business Insurance
  6. Loans and credit accounts
  7. Overhead costs
  8. Public notary services

Tracey and Gulfstream Bookkeeping team can support your general contracting business, freeing you up to manage the daily needs of your industry!

Best General Contractor Bookkeeper

If you live in or around the Stuart Fl area, Gulfstream Bookkeeping is the best and most trustworthy bookkeeper on the Treasure Coast! With years of experience in the construction industry, Tracey has seen it all! There is no need to be intimidated or embarrassed by messy ledgers. It’s simple- Disorganization costs businesses money! The more time you wait to receive the help your general contracting business needs, the more money is lost. Simple mistakes being made on a continual basis do not have to be the norm for your general contracting business. Mistakes can cost a business far more than just money- they can cause the trust to be lost. Once that happens, the job gets more difficult, and negative word of mouth can be devastating to this industry. Such stress and frustration are unnecessary! Hire the best bookkeepers in Florida to support your General Contracting service needs. Tracey and her team can help meticulously keep track of payments and records!

All General Contractors need a Trusted Bookkeeper

Many owners ask why they should use a bookkeeper over a purchased organizational program. The answer is simple. While expensive programs require you to plug in numbers to get a report, a bookkeeper is able to run the same numbers while identifying needs and organizing your reports in ways you would never expect. Bookkeepers provide many services that an online program will never be able to provide. From mobile notary services to payroll, running a business is just easier with the assistance of a great bookkeeper! With so many years in the industry, Tracey knows all of the ins and outs of the general contracting industry! Remember: A program simply runs numbers, a bookkeeper can be responsible for all of the services listed above! With so many projects going on at once, it’s no wonder that general contractors on the Treasure Coast seek the services of Gulfstream! Having records organized and available allows you to easily see where your company is in need of support! Tracey will provide your company with an organized summary of each expenditure and payment the company has made.

Filing quarterly taxes has never been easier! Need help organizing the costs and required expenses for each of your many contracts? Most general contractors are inundated with expense reports, requests for payments, and supply orders for a multitude of different jobs being worked on. If your business is not careful, thousands can be spent unnecessarily on late fees, double-orders, and the ordering of excess materials. Keep your workers paid, your clients happy, and your jobs moving! Call Gulfstream Bookkeeping and speak to Tracey directly. She will work with your business to identify your bookkeeping needs!


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