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Businesses & royalties have been using bookkeeping services for centuries. Some businesses elect to have the bookkeeper as a part-time or full-time employee, while most businesses in the modern-day elect virtual bookkeeping services, like Tracey at Gulfstream Bookkeeping LLC. Located in Stuart, Florida, Gulfstream Bookkeeping is a Quickbooks Pro and an expert in the Construction industry. Are you searching for a bookkeeper for you?

honest bookkeeping services near me

Let’s explore why hiring a trusted bookkeeper to crunch your numbers on a monthly basis is a GREAT idea. If you like what you hear, Tracey wants to ask you a few questions before a meeting is set. What is a Bookkeeper, what services are included in bookkeeping, who offers bookkeeping services on the Treasure Coast, and who specializes in bookkeeping for the construction industry? Let’s find out.

What is a Bookkeeper?

A lot of people share a common misunderstanding between Bookkeepers and Accountants – bookkeepers are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the client’s ledger which then allows the Accountant to efficiently advise the business of their financial status, provide tax planning, and ultimately file income taxes for the business. Without proper bookkeeping services, you will end up paying more when filing taxes, as the accountant will bill you at their very expensive Accounting hourly rate to reconcile a full year of books. If you run a large operation and wait til your accountant reconciles your books, once a year, how can you possibly grow year after year without knowing exactly what’s going on in your business month after month?

Gulfstream Bookkeeping LLC offers virtual bookkeeping services for businesses around the country but is mainly focused on the local Treasure Coast businesses! Virtual Bookkeeping Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Compiling Business’s Financial Data on a regular basis
  • Properly categorizing expenses in a ledger like Quickbooks Online – Gulfstream Bookkeeping holds a Quickbooks PRO certificate
  • Maintaining the accuracy of the general ledger
  • Reconcile bank statements with general ledger to ensure clean books
  • Generating Monthly Financial Reports and Annual Financial Statements

Traditional Bookkeeper Vs Virtual Bookkeeper

The cost of traditional employees grows year after year. For so many decades, most bookkeepers in medium to large size businesses hired an employee to reconcile the books on a regular basis. Check out this very minimal expense sheet regarding a traditional in-house bookkeeper – at a part-time rate!

Traditional In-Office Bookkeeper in Stuart

Annual Expenses Cost
Base Salary ($15/hr 20 hrs/week)
$ 15,600.00
Benefits (15% of Salary)
$ 2,400.00
Payment for Sick Days & Holidays
$ 1,600.00
Payroll Taxes
$ 1,600.00
Supplies & Equipment
$ 3,000.00
Administrative Costs
$ 1,100.00
Annual Total Cost

Virtual Cost on Treasure Coast

Annual Expenses Cost
Base Salary (Average $500/mon)
$ 6,000.00
Annual Total Cost
$ 6,000.00

Obviously, these numbers are generic and just used as an example of the sheer cost difference between a traditional in-house bookkeeper in Stuart, and leveraging the services of a virtual bookkeeper on the Treasure Coast!

What should be included in Virtual Bookkeeping Services?

Virtual Bookkeeping services will include all of the benefits of a traditional in-house bookkeeper, without the added expense. Honestly, having a virtual bookkeeper trumps a traditional bookkeeper simply due to the clunkiness of having an employee. Earlier in this page, we reviewed the cost difference between a traditional in-house bookkeeper vs virtual bookkeeper – easily four times more expensive to hire a traditional bookkeeper! There is no wonder why so many businesses on the Treasure Coast do not leverage bookkeeping services! Most small to medium-size businesses do not realize how affordable virtual bookkeeping really is – did you know that hiring a bookkeeper can save your business roughly $5,000 in profits? Tracey has stunned many business owners with their cost savings after hiring her. A lot of businesses have wasteful spending and misallocated funds. Included in your virtual bookkeeping services with Gulfstream Bookkeeping is an initial overhaul of your ledger, ensuring expenses go into proper categories. Do you have all of your monthly expenses properly categorized and able to run reports fast to know exactly how much money was spent on that one expense that year? Don’t feel bad, most of the time the answer is No…

Hiring a virtual bookkeeper like Tracey at Gulfstream Bookkeeping will make your business more profitable in 2021 and beyond. In order to get started with Tracey, she has requested you take the time to fill out the information below – once she reviews your file, she will be in contact will you to dive deeper.

virtual bookkeeping service
virtual bookkeeper Tracy Aldrich, Virtual Bookkeeping Services in Stuart

Who is Tracey and Gulfstream Bookkeeping LLC?

Still, want to get to know Tracey before hiring her for your virtual bookkeeping needs? No problem! Who is Tracey and Gulfstream Bookkeeping LLC?

  • Tracey is a bookkeeper with a mad passion for helping people increase their profit
  • Tracey has over 25 years working with business owners – Small to Large size!
  • Tracey constantly goes above and beyond, helping my clients turn what seems like chaos into numbers they can trust and see clearly
  • Tracey loves a bookkeeping challenge – Most business owners do not even know what a mess their books really are…
  • Tracey always helps her clients save an average of 60 hours per year by streamlining their bookkeeping & standing consistent
  • Gulfstream Bookkeeping is committed to our client’s success and takes great satisfaction in helping companies grow, year after year
  • Gulfstream Bookkeeping help small businesses increase profit by an average of $5K per year
  • You can Trust Tracey and Gulfstream Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping for Construction Companies

Gulfstream Bookkeeping LLC offers virtual bookkeeping services for all businesses but has specialized to deliver unparalleled expert services to the Construction industry. With decades of experience helping general contractors, heating and air conditioning contractors (HVAC Contractors), Electrical Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Plumbing Contractors, and other general contracting businesses – Gulfstream Bookkeeping has become the expert bookkeeper for construction companies!

Gulfstream Bookkeeping can handle the following bookkeeping services for contracting companies, these services are not limited to:

  • Handling NTO & Release of Liens
  • Employee Receipts and Job Receipts
  • Monthly bank and ledger reconcile
  • Employee Payroll
  • Mobile Public Notary

As you can see, Tracey and Gulfstream Bookkeeping LLC are the go-to bookkeeping service if you own a plumbing company, electrical company, HVAC company, general contractor, or other contracting services like concrete. Offering bookkeeping to contracting businesses around the country, Tracey wants to ensure that the contractors on the Treasure Coast know that she is the best bookkeeper they will ever hire for their business. She insists that if this website has intrigued you if you have been searching for a bookkeeper for your contractor business, take massive action and fill out her quick Bookkeeping for Contractors info form. Once she reviews your account, a high-level meeting can be scheduled to really dive into the books! Tracey looks forward to getting to know you and help your business with bookkeeping!




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